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This 15-Minute Yoga Flow Will Instantly Brighten Your Skin

Winter can take a toll on your appearance: dry air sucks moisture away from the skin, leaving you with a dull, lifeless complexion. Plus, when you step out into the cold and instinctively crunch your shoulders up to your ears, you’re storing excess tension in your upper back and shoulders. …

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How to Make the Ultimate Stay-Slim Smoothie

“Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet,” said everyone ever. But this just in: Eating the ones with the highest levels of flavonoids (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory plant compounds) can help you avoid weight gain, according to a study published in The BMJ. Fill your next breakfast with flavonoids …

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If your TV rats you out, what about your car?

Vizio, the TV manufacturer, recently had to pay a $2.2-million fine to the FTC recently because it was discovered that its sets were collecting data about viewers’ watching habits and then using the information for its own benefit. Last year, it was revealed the Samsung smart TVs were busy listening …

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